UFO Number 1

As I promised myself, I have completed UFO number 1! I call this quilt “Cranes and Flowers”. It’s an original design, very simple, and a great way to showcase large prints. The finished quilt is about 72″ by 72″, a nice size for a double bed, but easily adaptable to larger or smaller sizes. For the centre panels I chose two complementary Asian fabrics with large , stunning prints – the kind you don’t want to cut up. For visual appeal, the two panels are in the proportion of approximately 2/3 to 1/3 (I just eyeballed it, no exact science was used). Next I added a contrasting but related 4 inch inner border. The inner border sits at just the right spot to nicely frame a double bed. Finally, I added a strip border (each strip 8″ by 2 1/2″) using many different red, pink and gold Asian fabrics from a fat quarter collection I purchased online from Debsews2.com.  Most of the fabrics for the quilt were purchased from Debsews.

I had this quilt long-arm quilted with a lovely all-over floral design using Sulky variegated gold thread. It was sitting as a UFO for 6 months or so simply because I knew the binding would take about 8 hours. It did, but I am thrilled with the rich red, pink and gold Asian fabric I used. I only wish I had a little more of it for another project!

Let me know if you’d like more details on the pattern.

On to the next UFO…