Route 66 Socks

These socks were nice to knit. Once again the pattern is from Stephanie Van Der Linden’s Around the World in Knitted Socks, may favourite book. These are now a belated birthday present for my brother.

I have learned to knit holding the different colours of yarn in each hand, so with this pattern there is never a need to twist (or untwist) the yarn. The only potential pitfall I can see in this pattern is on the sole. Because the sole is evenly striped, it’s easy to get ridges and bumps from the colour switch. You need to be careful of the tension of the yarn that’s being carried – not to let it get too tight.

Next up: Herringbone socks from the same book.

Traditional Stitch Motifs

Well I am back on track after March break.

This is another pattern from Stephanie Van Der Linden’s “Around the World in Knitted Socks.” They were easy to knit, though I did get a bit confused by the gusset pattern, and there were about 25 threads on each sock to weave in. I love the braid at the top and the three colour combination. They are a perfect fit, so I will keep them for my self – on to the next!

Next on the agenda are the Route 66 socks from the same book. My brother admired them, and he has a big birthday coming up.

Jaquard & Stripe Socks

I have knitted this sock pattern many times. It’s a free pattern designed for Kroy Patons sock yarn, but these were made with Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic in Teal Static. The yarn is quite fine with a nice fuzziness to it. And the stripes on each sock are an almost perfect match without any effort on my part.

The next pair of socks is underway: Traditional Stitch Motifs from Stephanie Van Der Linden’s Around the World in Knitted Socks. (This may be the best pattern book ever). I’m just to the heel of the first sock and the pattern is looking gorgeous already.



Knit Sampler Socks

This is the Knit Sampler pattern from Stephanie Van der Linden’s Around the World in Knitted Socks. This was my first time knitting cables from a chart, and it was a great beginner project with lots o rest rows between cables. The rest of the pattern is simply knits and purls.

I particularly liked the short row heel with no increasing, picking up stitches, or decreasing for gussets.

The yarn used is Rowan fine Art Sock Yarn – soft and gorgeous to work with.