Doll Quilt Collection

Last week I was overwhelmed by an insatiable urge to use leftover fabric and scraps to make doll quilts. It’s still going on, I am working on doll quilt number 14 at the moment. There is something very satisfying about seeing the scrap pile dwindle away, while at the same time completing tiny perfect doll quilts. As I work, I can’t help but imagine the tea parties that dolls will be able to have on these quilts, and the lovely beds they will be able to sleep in. This is also an excellent opportunity to practice my free motion quilting on small manageable projects, and overall therapeutic.

Recently, my insatiable sewing urge has expanded into felt dolls, and I am trying to perfect a simple felt doll pattern. The felt is so easy to work with – no fraying, and I am using my stash of novelty fabrics, stripes and polka dots for the doll dresses.

Luna Lapin

I was at Café Books in Canmore, Alberta, and picked up a book I just couldn’t resist: “Making Luna Lapin” by Sarah Peel. When I spoke with the shop owner, she said she had had the same reaction to the book, and simply had to carry it in the shop. It has a felt doll pattern to make Luna, plus all sorts of gorgeous clothing for her including adorable lingerie, fashionable dresses, and a detailed wool coat.

This is the second Luna doll I’ve made using the patterns. The doll pattern had a clever innovation that was new to me: the body section of the doll has a pointed top which gets stuffed up into the head. Therefore, the doll’s head remains steady instead of being floppy. The only downside to this is that the head must be hand sewn to the body.

This Luna Lapin doll was happily renamed Rosie Heart by her new 6-year-old owner.

I have plans for a third Luna doll for my niece – I look forward to posting about that, because I’m going to do a doll quilt for her as well.

Next on the agenda I have a getaway planned with my best friend, who is also an enthusiastic and accomplished knitter and weaver.