My inspiration for this quilt design was a photograph of Shibuya Crossing (the world’s busiest intersection) in the rain. Initially, I planned to put the crosswalk strips on an angle, but when I laid out the actual strips, it just didn’t look good, so ended up setting them straight.

You may recognize the colourful fabric strips from some of my other quilt designs. Isn’t it a fabulous, bright mix? This fabric selection just keeps on giving; I still have a big stack to use in another project.

I used 9 by 2 inch strips of my rainbow selection, interspersed with off-white. I think a scrappy mix of off-whites would also look great in this design, and definitely a black or grey background would look great.

I quilted it first with the large divided circles which are meant to represent umbrellas, then filled in between the umbrellas with small circles to represent rain. Overall, I like the resulting texture.

I have a great idea for another Crosswalk quilt. The strips and background would look like the album cover for Abbey Road, then outlines of John, Paul, George and Ringo could be quilted on. Wouldn’t that be fun? Maybe next time.

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