Guest Blog: Night Garden

When threw down the Colourburst Challenge last fall, I had no idea how far it would push me. Black background? Bright colours? Rainbow thread? Never going to happen in my quilts! I didn’t know all the quilting rules in my head until I broke so many of them in my “Night Garden” project.

Knowing the background fabric that my daughter had chosen, I felt I needed something different. Northcott Stonehenge, a perennial favourite fabric line, provided an answer. Choosing nine different fabrics for four bright colour blocks led to ongoing stash searches, one visit to Oakville Sewing Centre and multiple trips to The Hobby Horse in Glen Williams. Who would have thought I could put strawberries, daffodils and butterflies into the same quilt? But the need for so many fabrics led me to risks I wouldn’t normally take.

And for the first time, I made a quilt back that rivaled my quilt top–I couldn’t bear to waste all that beautiful fabric left from the log cabin blocks.

That said, I like my daughter’s finished quilt top slightly more than my own. I find the colour scheme more appealing. I like the charcoal grey background, and the variegated grey thread is very pleasing to the eye. Still, I’m rather proud of my own “breakthrough” quilt. Thanks,, for pushing me to colour outside the lines. My quilting will never be the same!

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