Quilt Challenge Results: Singin’ in the Rain

As you may recall, in a recent quilt challenge with my mother, we both agreed to create a quilt based on the Colourbust pattern from By the Block. We agreed it would be a queen-size quilt, so knew that the lap-size pattern would need to be adapted. The two of us had an initial meeting which included fabric sharing and discussions about colour scheme.

My quilt, which I named Singin’ in the Rain ( because it reminds me of a rainbow viewed against a stormy sky), uses 4 1/2 inch strips, and includes a 2 inch border of a bright fabric matching each block. I found a fabulous Northcott wide flannel for the backing.

Mom and I met at Sewing Machines Etc. in Burlington, where we spent the day quilting on longarm machines with the expert help of Jane. We hadn’t seen each other’s quilt top beforehand, so the big reveal was fun. Hers is gorgeous ( and the subject of a future guest blog)!

I have to say Mom’s quilt is much less tame than mine, and she also gained points with her beautiful pieced backing. What I love about my quilt is it’s a great size for the double bed in my teenage son’s room, and it’s extra warm with the flannel backing. It’s a nice bright modern look for a teenager’s bedroom. After this experience I found myself vowing to make a large quilt for my own bedroom, because I just love all the overhang.

It was a lot of fun having a challenge with a deadline, and such a treat working together all day on the quilting. Thanks Mom!

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