Colourburst Challenge

Both my mother and I were admiring the Colourburst lap quilt in the book By the Block by Siobahn Rogers. The two of us decided upon a quilt challenge: each of us will design and create a queen-size quilt based on the Colourburst pattern. We agreed that both quilts will be professionally quilted, so the challenge is about the design and colour, rather than the quilting. The deadline for completion is January 31, 2018. Results will be posted after that on this blog.

In the meantime, we had a meeting and did some fabric swapping. Once I had that stack of glorious colour in front of me, I decided to do a prototype in crib-size format. I love the bright colours and how they contrast with the dark grey background, and it was exceptionally easy to piece the quilt top. I used a bead curtain free motion quilting pattern to finish it off. I wanted some curves to offset all the straight lines and right angles, and the circles to echo the print features.

Doing the prototype did give me some ideas for the final challenge version: in the purple and orange sections, the larger scale prints really liven up the quilt top, while the green and blue sections are pretty, but less lively. I plan to comb through my stash again for prints, and possibly shop for additional fabric as well. The requirements for each fabric are incredibly small – just one 4 1/2 inch wide strip of each.

If you would like to duplicate the crib-size version pictured here, I used 2 3/4 inch strips. The blocks are built with a Courthouse Steps configuration rather than a Log Cabin.

2 thoughts on “Colourburst Challenge

  1. This is beautiful! The challenge is going to be great fun. Having already collected most of my fabrics, I’m intrigued by the notion of doing a small prototype and will likely follow example.


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