UFO #2: Keepsake Hexagons

My second UFO is complete! This quilt is named Keepsake Hexagons, because my Mom bought me the base fabrics for is at a shop in New Hampshire called Keepsake Quilting. Believe it or not, this collection came from the clearance area of the shop.

I had bought some half hexagon tools from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, and thought these fabrics would be a beautiful choice to try the larger tool out on. The main fabric that was central to the planning was the large iris print with brown background, so I needed the right size block to showcase it properly.

Once again this is a very simple design, as the hexagons are randomly placed in complementary shades of gold, red, pink, brown and yellow. I think it has a lovely old-fashioned feel to it.

It was pieced in rows using half hexagons, which was a bit fiddly; every seam had to be pinned and checked for accuracy. The quilt was long-arm quilted by Anne Friedrich using an all-over floral pattern in gold thread.

The quilt was sitting as a UFO for about 8 months because I knew the binding would take about 8 hours. It did, but I’m very pleased with the result. I’m discovering that sometimes, when I do long and tedious (quilt-related) tasks, I enjoy being so up-close and personal with the fabric and can use the time to appreciate the beautiful fabrics and design.

Mental note for a future project: I have a great collection of honey bee prints in my stash. Wouldn’t the hexagons be great for using them?!

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