I find myself in a very fortunate situation: lots of time on my hands, now that I am not working full time, and lots of crafting materials, collected over many years.

My first order of business was to take an inventory. This was much more difficult than I imagined. It took an entire weekend to survey just my quilting fabric. My Mom very kindly came over and helped out.

Step one was creating relevant categories for sorting the fabric. Here’s what we came up with:

  • Precuts
  • Asian fabric
  • Novelty fabrics
  • Polka dots, stripes and checks
  • Project collections already determined
  • UFOs
  • Whites, off-whites, beiges and creams
  • Browns, yellows and golds
  • Oranges and reds
  • Pinks, peaches and purples
  • Blues, blue-greens, and greens
  • Scraps

My collection has grown over the past 25 years or so of quilting, but I was amazed to calculate there are over 300 metres of fabric in my stash! The sorting process also gave me the chance to review all of my fabric and start my thinking about the projects I will work on over the next year.

There were some surprises and insights that came up during the inventory process. For instance I must be drawn to mushrooms and fish, as I have extensive mushroom and fish designs in my collection. (Maybe a mushroom quilt will be coming up!) There are a lot of large prints in the collection; I need to be on the lookout for patterns that will showcase them – expect a blog on that later in the year. I also want to find quilt designs that will use my novelty fabrics with ,white backgrounds. There are more than a few in my collection that I adore, but haven’t been able to use in a quilt. Another insight came from the almost complete lack of batiks in my stash. This is an area outside my current comfort zone that I would like to expand into in the future.

Now that I’ve completed the inventory and assured myself I have enough fabric, I’ve set some rules/guidelines of engagement for quilting in the next year:

  1. No purchasing fabric (except for accent fabric, solids and backing)
  2. Finish all of my UFOs
  3. Design and create 3-4 projects per month using my stash

Most daunting, however is the pile of UFOs dating back over ten years. There are 13 UFOs in various stages of completion. They became UFOs for a variety of reasons. Some because I didn’t like them, some with many, many hours of piecing, several just the binding. I will begin by tackling these UFOs!


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